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~  Essemble is an HTML5 authoring framework based on 19 years experience of developing elearning
~  Highly flexible for instructional designers
~  Highly interactive screen types and comprehensive built-in navigation and tracking functionality
~  The flexibility to add new functionality on a project-by-project basis
~  Facilitates content maintenance and language translation
~  SCORM 1.2, SCORM 1.3 and Experience API compliant


Comprehensive tracking, navigation and screen functionality

Supports SCORM 1.2 & 1.3/Experience API content tracking. Essemble’s navigation and tracking functionality is based on 19 years of developing professional elearning content.


Highly flexible for instructional designers
Don’t let the authoring tool dictate the design.

Essemble gives instructional designers the freedom to design exceptional content.


Designed with movement and elegance in mind
An integrated animation engine brings content to life.

There’s also powerful support for audio-visual synchronisation and interactive video.


Structured, externally held content, facilitates course maintenance

Update text, imagery, question options/attributes, audio and video assets. Essemble facilitates structural change, content maintenance and language translation/localisation.


Essemble has been designed to be extremely flexible to work with.

It’s also designed so that once a course is setup, non-programmers can maintain content easily. This approach to setup and population can be a very cost-effective model.

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The first stage of the process is to understand the specific requirements – the project objectives and technical specification.

The next step is to take the branding guidelines and art direction and setup a course “shell”.

The course shell includes the course structure, plus a fully functioning user interface, menu and navigation.

An example of each screen type is then created and added to the setup. This is an early opportunity to review the course design and functionality.

The next stage is to populate the course text.

This is a process of cutting and pasting from a script. A basic knowledge of html and css is required to format the text.

Placeholder images can be added at this stage to guage the layout.

Once the text is in place, the graphics (and audio/video as appropriate) are added.

The graphic designer can add the graphics directly into the screens or provide them for the developer to add.

Content can be reviewed and changed in the normal alpha, beta, final review cycle.

The course will be platform tested at all stages to ensure it meets the technical specification on the required browsers, devices and Learning Management Systems.

Essemble facilitates content maintenance and localisation.

Course text, graphics, audio and video files are all held externally from the codebase and are therefore easy to access and update.

This means it’s simple to update text and tweak layout. Topics and screens can be added or removed. Graphics and media files can be edited and updated.

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